Dazzled by Daylight

By Peter Cornish


peter_centrehouseDazzled by Daylight is the true story of how its half-blind author built his childhood dream on a remote clifftop in the south-west of Ireland. Told with irreverent humour, it is the account of a battle with convention and the elements to create a spiritual home for people of all religions and none.

From his rebellious youth, Peter takes us on a trip through the sixties to a Tibetan monastery in the Scottish Borders. He befriends the first lamas to reach the West, and embarks on his mission to establish a centre for meditation as a refuge from the twenty-first-century cycle of competitive consumption.

In a spectacular location on the Beara Peninsula in West Cork, he and his wife find a derelict farm without electricity or water, accessible only by horse and cart. With the confidence of amateurs, and equipped only with mindfulness and gelignite, they transform a wind-blasted cluster of ruins into a wooded retreat village, creating the charity that is Dzogchen Beara today.